Body + Mind Realigned

Cospace emphasizes physical and mental well-being for all,
through daily activities organized around working hours to
awaken your peak performance. Jolt yourself into health.

Aerial Yoga class at the Baan Jai Dee Resort by Cospace

Yoga Classes

Ranked in the top 5 Yoga schools in Thailand ULU has led over 100 yoga courses, TTCs and retreats. They honor the ancestral teachings of the Sacred Wisdom of traditional Yoga and provide a path to health, happiness and spiritual liberation.

Meditation and Drop-in Classes

Let Meditation guide you on a limitless journey.
Quiet the mind, relearn how to breath and attain another
level of focus through ancient Buddhist techniques.

Morning Meditation
Cospace watersports

Stay Active

Koh Phangan offers numerous activities to keep the body in motion. Paddleboard, Kayak, Swimming and hiking will keep
you fit while discovering our exotic paradise.

Get started.

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